Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Following the events of Wither () and Fever (), teens Sever (The Chemical Garden Trilogy Book 3) by [ DeStefano, Lauren]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading. 14 Feb Review: Sever by Lauren DeStefano. I finished this book last night. Once I started reading it I just could not stop. Sever is the last book in this. The third and final novel in Lauren DeStefano’s breathtaking dystopian romance series, The Chemical Garden Trilogy. Time is running out for Rhine. With less.

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See more by Lauren DeStefano. Write a customer review. But I didn’t care about him at all. Finally a look into the outside world as Rhine sees it.

I may not be a fan of her ‘worldbuilding’ or story concepts, but Lauren DeStefano’s writing is a thing of beauty. I was a bit sad that there was less gorgeous fashion after book 1, but that was to be expected since she only got that fashion in the mansion. Like literally no one cares that Rowan’s a shitbag.

A long lost magic. See more by Lauren DeStefano.

Sever | Book by Lauren DeStefano | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

View all 5 comments. I just don’t have the strength to keep going. Rhine has finally gotten away from Vaughn, but is luaren ever truly safe from his evil clutches? And of course, I was surprised. Like is the virus not there or were people not genetically modified?

Thursday, February 14, Review: I enjoyed learning a little more about the world but still wished there was more detail. We’ve been waiting in suspense for TWO books to see this long-lost brother of Rhine’s. Must redeem within 90 days.


None of her emotions seemed real, and she acted like an apathetic lump of oatmeal throughout the entire book. Free eBook destedano to NEW subscribers only. I’m curious to see if she can redeem herself with a new series.

First of all, why didn’t anyone else at least get hurt? What makes me so fucking pissed off about this series is the purity myth that it’s putting forward. He’s simply a eever for moving the plot forward by whatever means necessary. I would definitely consider reading more from this author. Simple, how simple can I get? Jun 15, Arushi rated it liked it.

Citizens of Logan Pond: Overall, most of the characters in this book didn’t make meaningful connections to each other – they felt forced and stilted. A beautiful old mansion that’s been converted into apartments.

Chemical Garden Book 3 Paperback: La verdad es que, no quieto sonar cruel pero, su muerte fue lo mas interesante de todo esver libro. Explore the Home Gift Guide. It’s almost like it’s forcing itself to try and achieve the greatness of the first gorgeous cover, but fails pretty bad at even coming close. Other books in the series. Explore the entire Star Trek book collection, apps and more. This book is filled with so many disappointments I don’t know if I’ll be able to list them all.

Least with Linden I had something to root for Rhine has finally gotten away from Vaughn, but now she’s not only searching for her brother but for Gabriel as well.

When the story opens, Rhine is in the hospital and is being visited by her husband, Linden, and her sister wife, Cecily. Now I know everyone hates it; but it does have its significance once you read the book. Page 1 1 Start over Page 1 1. Trivia About Sever The Chemic You, right along with me, might be thinking “What the hell does the word sever have to do with anything?


At the very end of Sever, Rhine says this of Linden: Now I don’t want to be mean here, especially since I do think that Lauren D. It’ll leave you longing for book two. I can’t believe I’ve just turned the last page in Sever ; the third and final book in Lauren DeStefano’s Chemical Garden series sob sob.

I really don’t like how Rhine is holding her ssever off her finger on the cover. I never really understood sfver relationship Linden had with Cecily though and I’m not just talking about the age difference there’s relationship just didn’t click for me, I always thought Rhine was a better choice for him.

LibrisNotes: Sever by Lauren DeStefano

And since I am not a published author, Destefabo can’t really envision how else the info could have been revealed, but I just know it felt winded. The solution to this society’s issues lies far beyond finding a cure, but this was not addressed at fucking all. We’ll grow until our bones ache and our skin wrinkles and our hair goes white, and until our hearts decide, at last, that it’s time to stop.

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Get access to the best in romance: One of my new favorite characters is Linden’s uncle Reed.