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I’m glad I re-read it, because the story is great. Yes, and surprisingly well.

I believe it came bundled with the family computer we got once the internet was born. If you like fantasy that takes you to another world, The Myst trilogy is for you. The writing style was very descriptive, as it had to be to describe such a fantastical concept. All in all, I’d say: Clearly the D’ni have the tools to test for and knowledge of biological contamination, so why didn’t atrks take precautions?

Very enjoyable if you’re a fan of the Myst video games.

The social commentary was a little heavy sometimes though. This reader is very thought provoking. Once again I find myself drawn to the series of Myst.

Atrus, the main character is one of the last of a lost librp of people, the D’ni, who have a special power that allows them to create world’s that can be entered through writing the world in books utilizing the lost D’ni language. Jun 21, Josh rated it really liked it. Atrus, the protagonist of this novel, is the father of the two brothers upon which the story of the CD-ROM is based. I find it hard to believe that one book can contain so many vividly described worlds.

The Book of Atrus is probably not up to the most discriminating standards where fiction-writing is concerned.

End of Ages, realMyst, and Uru. It is admittedly a tie-in to a one time juggernaut video game series that redefined PC gaming in the s. Anna is the only person young Atrus has ever known. A seed of mistrust had been planted and things were escalating. Uh, Atrus, attus a smart dude.


The one stage she thought that would be most difficult was “Worldbuilding”, or simply, the creation of a world that is different than our own. Oct 04, Matt Matash rated it it was amazing.

The Book of Atrus

But for now, I’m linking out. So after sitting them on the back of my to-read list for such a long time, I lobro to make them a priority. Jun 02, Devin rated it liked it Recommends it for: But, back to the point, the only reason why I picked this book up when I was a whole of what?

I jumped on the Myst bandwagon a bit late.

Title: The Myst Book of Atrus: : Libros

To ask other readers questions about The Book of Atrusplease sign up. They can write books that create new worlds. However, he does not wield this power intelligently, but he doesn’t want the knowledge to die with him, so he seeks out his son. Action-packed chapters are interspersed between page after page of plodding descriptions of the characters drilling through rocks or walking down a passageway, and the book is sprinkled with libgo spelling errors, such as confusing “loath” and “loathe.

The latest incarnation of the Myst games can be found at www. Aug 08, Drema Deoraich rated it liked it. I am going to skip ahead atrks a year in time. And you play as Catherine I feel like this book will only make sense to those that have played both the Myst and Riven computer games. A sci-fi novel written as a prequel to the popular 90’s Myst computer game, which I’m sure some of you have played I played it with my parentsthis Date Completed: The cover looks like an old tome, the pages have a weathered look, and every so many pages we’re shown a drawing Atrus made of his surroundings and inventions.

It’s less common to see fictional characters grappling with those issues themselves, but that’s exactly what this novel is about. The Book of Atrus 2 4 Jul 01, And even though the book deals with the art of worldbuilding, there’s science involved too – gravity, soil composition, and temperature all influence whether a world is habitable, and livro story doesn’t shy away from taking these technicalities into consideration.


A novel based on the game was inevitable, given the rich source material.

The Myst Reader: Three Books in One Volume by Rand Miller

I give this 4 out of 5 mostly because of what it is: There are never enough roads to that universe. The imagery has a lurid quality that honestly shocked me – though, given that I was spoiled for the twist, I don’t know what I was ligro.

But I never played a single minute of the game. The world building in this book is absolutely astounding and really captures the imagination.

Eventually she would bear his two sons Sirrus and Akenar, so as you can tell, I knew Atrus would succeed even during reading this, so I don’t feel I am giving anything away.

The Myst Reader: Three Books in One Volume

Aug 09, Gwen rated it liked it. But its all to soon the Atrus realizes that What his father knows is a corrupt and evil shadow of what the art is. Gehn is obsessed with reviving a practice known simply as the Art: This was my second time through the Story of Atrus, the first time when I was much younger, and while I remembered a few key plot elements, it was largely new to me as I either didn’t get it the first time around or I’ve forgotten most of it since then.

I feel that Gehn’s monologue about Anna etc.