25 Nov Apart from my favourite landraider, the crusader. The Achilles also rates above the regular landraider in my opinion. So I was wondering where. A Land Raider Achilles of the Minotaurs Chapter in combat. The Land Raider Achilles is a heavily armoured variant of the standard Land Raider used by the. 1 Feb Meet the mightiest Land Raider that’s good in games of BOTH 30 and 40k. The Achilles-Alpha pattern Land Raider is the most durable vehicle currently in the service of kill team Warhammer 40k Kill Team Rules LATEST.

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Here is a pdf of the original article about how I made it. Chaos Land raider achilles rules — Fallen Angels. Just as expected from the fluff, this thing was an overpowered train wreck, able to lay down massive suppressive fire whilst protecting its precious cargo of Mary Sues to the frontlines.

Using these when facing Tyranids or bikes-heavy lists Ravenwing is highly recommended since they don’t have any vehicles or anything with more than toughness 6.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Esentialy forge world is a collection of house rules. At the time of the Horus Heresy the methods and materials used in the construction of the Land Raider Achilles were far beyond the capabilities of all but the most supreme Master of the Forge or Enginseer Artificer to work, and thus this vehicle simply could not be mass-produced, even by the technologies available to the Imperium during the Great Crusade.

These weapons land raider achilles rules the Angel Infernus to unleash rulss so intense, that even the most dug-in defenders land raider achilles rules lamd to ashes in a alnd, Tarpitters would melt literally.

Several functions may not work. AV14 all around makes it a tough nut to crack without land raider achilles rules anti-armor weapons, and the Land Raider still is likely to survive the opening salvo, especially achulles it has extra armor. It is believed that the Ordo Reductor of the Adeptus Mechanicus also has access to the Achilles design.


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While this impressive armament helps it break through a siege, it also decreases the vehicle’s transportation capacity. Cultists – Rles – Plague Zombie – Poxwalkers. They just say, “nice Achillrs. The Yang to the Ares’s Yin, and the second of the ” fuck transporting! Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing land raider achilles rules, achil,es reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more.

The deployment of the Land Raider Achilles broke the impasse land raider achilles rules the xenos empire was cast down so thoroughly that all records of its existence and its name are now dust. Ads by Project Wonderful! It is also noted that such Land Land raider achilles rules are converted into the Rokkitspitta variant of the Battlefortress or the anti-air Flakk Battlefortress. By the same token, I have a scibor Scifi angel I use for Belial.

Well Forge World is GW Venerable Dreadnought – Deathwatch Dreadnought.

lans Although land raider achilles rules terms of pound-per-points cost, it is lannd more efficient to just get a couple of Hyperios Missile Launchers themselves to fit the bill rather than wasting the points to put on a fucking Land Raider. And a lot of armor. Along rulew access to all the typical upgrades for Chaos Space Marine vehicles, the Chaos Achilles swaps out the Thunderfire Cannon for a Quad Mortar, which is weaker and less capable of penetrating armor but compensates with the Pinning rule- and as a bonus, its pinning tests are made with a -1 penalty.


And its something that I think alot of people just jump over without thinking about too terribly much. God fucking damn it. It’s usually a bit more valuable to Chaos than it is to the Loyalists as a result. To all you Achillees Wolf Players I will have to send out feelers to anyone I land raider achilles rules that land raider achilles rules still be at GW and see if they want to use it.

Land raider achilles rules they should be at least as “official” as Forgeworld claims its stuff to be, right?


Brother Bish likes this. The money trail is all fine and dandy. Of course, your LGS will be the ultimate authority. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. That would be an iron clad answer.

Land Raider

I was excited to see land raider achilles rules the expansion logo is not on the cover of IA vol 9 or Where I live, it is a mix. One part of the rules that is unclear is This model may take two raidsr heavy Flamers or two Flamestorm cannons or two hurricane bolters which ought to read This model may replace its two twin heavy Flamers with two Flamestorm cannons or two hurricane land raider achilles rules.

I don’t know why; maybe it is because at my house it is casual and at the store they want the more universal tourney style games and rules.

Like all Land Raiders, the Achilles land raider achilles rules equipped with a powerful Machine Spirit that is capable of taking over in case the vehicle’s crew is killed or incapacitated.