8 Oct Just as he did with the DOM and JavaScript, Jeremy Keith has a unique ability to 2 HTML5 FOR WEB DESIGNERS format. Rather than. HTML5 for Web Designers has ratings and reviews. Graham said: How often do you laugh out loud while reading about coding standards? (a) All th. HTML5 isn’t as confusing as it once was, but it still isn’t straightforward. Title HTML5 for Web Designers; Author(s) Jeremy Keith; Publisher: A Book Apart.

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How often do you laugh out loud while reading about coding standards?

HTML5 For Web Designers

HTML5 is an attempt to create a markup language for the Web that puts our past behind us while embracing the legacy it has left. Some examples specially in chapter 5 weren’t detailed enough to clarify the concepts which also led me to confusions. But hy still in flux, and gargantuan besides. The Bespin application https: Maybe my expectations were high because of Jon Ducket’s book, it had detailed examples. This book breaks downs a few very important points about HTML5 that other books I’ve read on the topic do not, and they all involve history.

Other books in the series. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Aside from that, the changes he notes are fascinating examples of immediate relevance to web designers, e.

Aug 03, Danny de Vries rated it really liked it. The minimum information required to ensure that a browser renders using standards mode is the HTML5 doctype. It starts with a background on the birth of HTML5, and uses this description of its history and the philosophy behind it to help explain what HTML5 is doing and why. Should you buy it?


In the years that followed, I learned about web standards and accessibility. Mar 05, Matt rated it really liked it Shelves: Some aspects of HTML5 are not for every browser.

Jeremy does a good job at touching on key information such as obsolete tags, accessibility concerns, form enhancements, and semantics.

Il a un format “livre de poche”, mais il a tout d’un grand! I highly recommend the book to anyone with an interest in the future of web development. Return to Book Page.

I’m not entirely sure how much advanced HTML5 users will tor out of it, although I did learn things afresh. But the content is packed with enough cross references links to fill a British library, albeit the local, down-at-heel, soon-to-be-closed variety, not the national home to all the media that ever existed.

Feb 22, David Hall rated it really liked it Shelves: There appears to have been no attempt made to introduce page breaks. I hope to see the new version of this book soon with more updated and detailed content.

HTML5 for Web Designers [Book]

Not only is this book highly readable, and in fact even entertaining, but it also is easy to understand and retain the material. It doesn’t claim to be anything more, and for designers who are unfamiliar with HTML5, this will probably be enough.

A seb I do have is his repeated references to ‘Modernizr’, a JavaScript library for browser feature control, an aspect I find strange given Keith’s philosophy on pairing down complexity. Especially useful for people who only started developing for the web a couple of years ago. Jan 30, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. That is the trade-off to having a brief book.


HTML 5 for Web Designers, by Jeremy Keith – Signal v. Noise

So what Keith does in these chapters is little more than reiteration of what I’ve already read. Good place to look for tips to start to use HTML5 now, too! And then Keith admits that these are “completely over [his: This small book under 90 pages is designed for experienced developers interested in basic information on what adoption of a new standard would mean for them.

A good introductory book about HTML5. This book is perfect if you want to know everything about the new HTML5 tags.

HTML5 for Web Designers, Second Edition, 2nd Edition

Keith once again does an adequate job summarizing the changes to forms. This book is useful if you are already have knowledge of HTML.

I haven’t worked with forms in HTML5 yet, and the improvements to form controls look pretty cool. Refresh and try again. What do accessible, content-focused standards-based web designers and front-end developers need to know? May 25, Nasser Salah rated it liked it Shelves: This is a wonderful book.

That being said, sometimes it is useful to have a reference book nearby.