GURPS Prime Directive: Federation (4th Edition) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brand New in Factory Packaging. Updated for GURPS 4th Edition. Roleplaying on the final frontier. A self- contained book that works with all GURPS 4e books but can also be used as a. 28 Aug Hey all, So I’ve gotten a sudden hankering to run something sci fi, and was thinking of Star Trek. Granted, I’ve never managed to overcome.

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I found out about the GURPS system, which seems like a cool idea with it being ‘universal’ – though I don’t know if that’d make it difficult to grasp as my first game. Find More Posts by mioss. Hence, this conflict dorective reduced or even, in some cases, completely negated governmental efficiency.

Directkve they license it, and it doesn’t hold up to expectations, then people get upset with SJG rather than the publisher named on the cover. Psionic power is treated as an advantage costing five points per level, and all psionic abilities use this single score as their power level. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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I played in a Prime Directive game some years ago. It was pretty fun, but there were a few things that might not be everybody’s cup of tea. It isn’t looking good on prie old resume, to say the least.


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What others have said is correct. This article needs additional citations for verification. At 20 years a generation this puts one in the s at the latest though earlier seems more logical. Submit a new text post.

Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. At the same time, references within the text to other sections use both wargame rules notation and gurs page numbers, which is a little disconcerting to the reader.

GURPS Prime Directive

Would I be able to make sense of it? This simplification allows Prume psionic masters to be created with greater ease and a lower point cost. GURPS Prime Directive allows players to play virtually any type character they wished, and also ddirective some cross- genre moves to be made, and to include some limited elements of the Traveller Universe.

From my long experience with Gurps and SJGames i never was more disappointed. It spawned several associated sourcebooks. Retrieved from ” https: Sounded like there were a lot of 3e stuff in the 4e book that carried over.

GURPS Prime Directive – Wikipedia

Other sections detail different aspects of this divergent Star Trek universe, including Klingon subject races, Federation and Starfleet awards and decorations, the various types of prime teams employed by the different factions, the Romulan Directtive of Honor and the full deck plans for a free trader and its many variations.


All times are GMT The referee is free to set their games at any point along this timeline as there are no set periods or eras and this is helped by the GURPS technology levels that are used prjme, running from TL9 — the ‘Non-Tactical Warp’ era to the ‘X-Technology Era’ of TL13, with the introduction of each level noted for all of the main races. Yet the GURPS rules are inherently flexible in both their mechanics and their outlook, and hopefully this flexibility can be applied to the Star Fleet Battles universe.

We try to keep the lists below up to date with active subreddits and prune it from time direvtive time. No update since Star Trek ToS.

Trademarks and copyrights mentioned on this page owned by their respective owners. Now the roleplaying game of the Star Fleet Battles universe returns, not so much in a second edition, but at least with a full set of new mechanics in the form of GURPS. This may impact your buying decision. Standard power level for a GURPS Prime Directive game is points, with cadets built on points, green characters onveterans on and elite Prime Team members on It’s not a Star Trek As shown by Paramount book.

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