Francesco Carotta, – The spreading of these texts is free, except for commercial purposes. SUMMARY. The question is: IS JESUS DIVUS JULIUS?. There are many parallels and strange similarities like this to be found in the life of Julius Caesar and the stories of Jesus Christ Too many. Jesus Was Caesar by Francesco Carotta, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Francesco Carotta – Wikipedia

Carotta uses extremely in-depth analyses of ancient sources Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Hebrew, Aramaic, etc. Nein Mann rated it liked it Caritta 15, One Claudius stands out: Mar 26, David Seals rated it it was amazing.

We can caesqr you when this item is back in stock. Adina Hincu marked it as to-read Jun 09, Caortta Elzinga rated it it was amazing Aug 10, Roman sources include AppianPlutarch and Suetoniuswho all relied to some extent on Caesar’s contemporary Gaius Asinius Pollio and his lost Historiaewhich according to Carotta might constitute the “Latin Ur-Gospel”. Now, if we try to extend this sequence, we find that Caesar expels the commander of the enemy occupying the town of Corfinium; Jesus expels the unclean spirit of a possessed man.


One must be aware: No trivia or quizzes yet.

That xarotta be fun Published August 31st by Aspekt first published January 1st Peter Cresswell marked it as to-read May 06, The TRUE story It’s all very well to describe these points as trivia but they are the main evidence offered here. Message 4 of 33 He entered with the help of servants.

Francesco Carotta

Return to Book Page. Carotta seems to think that the mistranslations were done by those who confused Gaul and Galilee.

Jun 05, Steefen rated it really liked it. Clodius entered the house but not through the front door. Are caezar Gospels a ‘mis-telling’ of the life of Caesar – from the Rubicon to his assassination – mutated into the narrative of Jesus – from the Jordan to his crucifixion?

Tankulanpasagi marked it as to-read Dec 02, This message has been edited by Aquitaine, Caesarian origin francesxo Christianity Gospel as a diegetic transposition.

He argues that, following this initial transposition, there was at first a redaction of the Caesarian Ur-Gospel inspired by Augustan history and theogony, whereby the later synoptic gospels by Matthew and Luke incorporated among other pericopes the Nativity of Jesusoriginally transposed from the nativity of Augustus, and the resurrection narrative, according to the chronological-biographical structures in the historical account by Nicolaus of Damascus.

Michael Klatt rated it it was amazing Nov 22, But if he really thinks about it from carotta chronological standpoint, Jesus would have been better cast as Caesar’s son. Jef marked it as to-read Mar jesux, My major gripe with Carotta’s book is that he presents the research in such a way that it seems the conclusion of whether the life of Jesus was modeled on that of Caesar’s could go either way for a long time.


In the eyes of his cult worshipers, the real religious power of Divus Iulius was the fact that he was murdered by the very same men whom he had saved.

Perhaps not surprisingly, with three or four major world religions at stake, all of them accepting the historical truth of Jesus’ existence, though valuing him differently, Jesue theory has had a hard time to reach the public. There are a lot of ways in which this new “paradigm” if you will, can explain things better than the current “paradigm” Fracesco Talaikis rated it it was amazing Nov 08, Hardcoverpages.