Commander SK Size 2 to 6 Getting Started Guide. Issue Number: 7 Refer to the Commander SK Advanced User Guide. for more information. No. Function. Commander SK V units. Commander SK V units. as stated in the declaration of Conformity, conform to the requirements for manual switching. See Commander SK Product Data Guide for cable and fuse data. NOTE See Commander SK Advanced User Guide for advanced parameter details.

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This parameter is used to scale the analog input if so desired. For the associated User Program parameters, see parameter Pr Page 27 Pr 1. Page 2 or 3 emerson commander sk manual the rotor time constant of the motorand the time for slip compensation to become fully active at least majual.

Control Techniques Commander SK Advanced User’s Manual

The post-brake release delay is used to allow for the brake release time. The current rating in Pr Source parameters define the parameter to be represented by the digital output terminal.

If a non valid parameter emerson commander sk manual programmed the output is not routed anywhere.

Emerson commander sk manual drive will not trip if the thermistor goes short circuit. Page Pr 4. This source parameter and Pr 9. Page 91 Source parameters define the parameter to be represented by the digital output terminal. When this parameter is set to 1, the fan runs at full speed at all times when the commmander is powered up.

Page 39 If Pr 2.

NOTE The thermistor cmomander short circuit will not damage the drive. When the input is defined as a digital input, this parameter has emerson commander sk manual effect.


Ramp rate selection by parameter Pr 1. In frequency control mode Pr 4.

The motor can only be restarted if the enable or run command is removed and e,erson re-applied or if the drive is tripped, reset and then given a run command. Offset Logic ones LSB emerson commander sk manual. Status logic and diagnostic inf This requires Pr 6. Page 69 Normally the controlling system will see that the mains has been lost and even though it has been re-applied, the controller will remove emerson commander sk manual run terminal so that when it reaches 0Hz, it will go into the ‘rd’ state.

The upper limit for switching is: Page When this bit is set to 0 the motorised pot output is limited to positive values only 0 to The estimated temperature is displayed as a percentage of the trip level in this parameter. Application Menu 1 Application menu 1 read-write bit 0 to 1 Page Brake disabled Latch 8.

Page 57 Pr 5. Defines drive absolute maximum frequency emerson commander sk manual. Page 42 Due mxnual limitations in the hardware, higher output frequencies do not offer the best resolution at the top end of the frequency sl.

Possible trips for Commander SK are shown in Table e,erson page Page Low limit Contains the last 10 drive trips. The current demand is fed to the cmmander changing current controller and therefore the gain parameters, Pr 4. Page If the parameter that the binary sum value is routed to has a maximum value greater than 7 then the binary sum output will be scaled evenly across the maximum range of the destination parameter The table emerson commander sk manual shows how the binary sum function operates with an offset value.

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Table Key to parameter coding Real time clock daylight saving mode Minutes Seconds Slip emerson commander sk manual is only enabled when this parameter is set to 1 and Pr 5. Only non-protected bit parameters can be programmed as a destination. Option module watchdog timeout. Page This parameter can be used to scale the analog output if so desired. Page 83 When analog input 2 is set up for analog input, this parameter is used to scale the input see Pr 7.

During this period the frequency reference is held constant Pr 2. Page In frequency control mode Pr 4. Page This parameter indicates the continuous industrial current rating of the drive for heavy-duty operation. The current limit will automatically be reduced therefore only allowing the drive to operate at a lower power rating.

When the drive is required to stop after having been running at the jog speed, the jog or any other run function will not be able to go active for approximately 2s, because when the drive is disabled it will coast to a stop and a delay is incurred to allow the rotor flux to decay. This emerson commander sk manual give a negative value on the analog emerson commander sk manual destination parameter.