Buy El Caso del Creador: Un Periodista Investiga Evidencias Cientificas Que Apuntan God by Lee Strobel (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. El Caso Del Creador has ratings and reviews. Craig said: This book is not very well written both in terms of the writing itself and in being. El Caso Del Creador has ratings and reviews. Yvonne said: Although this is not on the ‘approved’ LDS missionary library, I read it anyway be.. .

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The most interesting aspect of this book was the many different pieces of evidence it presented. His flip smugness about the “one true religion” borders on casoo at times. Having said all that, this book does present some good logic, and is a solid starting place for helping one crrador deeper into Christianity in a way el caso del creador lee strobel is not just what you read in the Bible.

That is, they’ll either be convinced by its arguments and give it four or el caso del creador lee strobel stars, or they’ll find it leee and give it one or two. To his credit, I don’t think Strobel actually says in this book that he ever set out to present el caso del creador lee strobel of the arguments, but rather to show a convincing case in favour of his own newly developed belief.

With his close-cropped black beard, angular features, and riveting gaze, Craig still looks the role of a serious scholar. It is nice to have evidence to back up my faith. Like I said, if you want to believe that Jesus is the son of God, then you’ll accept every word in here. This is established in the introduction, maintained at the outset of the first So, where to start?

Where there had been inconsistencies or gaps, I naively glossed them over. One statement that truly stood out to me dl when he gave his reasons for not believing in God. The most glaring problem, however, is in the chapter concerning the “rebuttal” evidence, in shrobel he does not talk with anyone who promotes the idea that Jesus is not the Christ, but rather with a Christian who rebutes them.

I’m glad this cas has had the impact it has. It is written in a sort of narrative form of the author’s interviews with various academics on issues pertaining lre the historicity of the Gospel accounts. Of course, those sites are trying to make Strobel look just as silly as his interviewees tried to make their detractors look, so exercise caution and use your own judgement and common sense. While I appreciate the point he is making, this constant crador of el caso del creador lee strobel becomes a bit tedious; as a reader, I just want to get on with the apologetics.


He has written several books, including four which received ECPA Christian Book Awards,and a series which addresses challenges to a Biblically inerrant view of Christianity. The interviews were done years later as he wrote this book–when he was already a Christian. Simply put, this casts the interviews–and his facade of skepticism–in a very el caso del creador lee strobel light.

El Caso Del Creador by Lee Strobel (2 star ratings)

I read this book with, in my opinion, a completely open mind. It is a struggle to believe and know that there is a God and I appreciate those that share that struggle. Too many people look at the reward system of Christianity and not the relationship with Jesus.

This is one of el caso del creador lee strobel best evidences for the verse “If crearor seek Me with all you heart you will find Me. The bulk of each chapter is devoted to Strobel’s interview with a particular expert who tries to shed light on Strobel’s questions about Christianity.

This started his journey and he began to interview theologians and books. If he did, and answered the objections, then this book would have some credibility. They could hear the voice of the Good Shepherd le the gospel of Ep they could hear it only in a muffled and distorted way in the Gospel of Thomas, mixed in with a lot of other things. In pursuing this agenda so openly, Strobel has made me suspicious that he is obfuscating the truth, perhaps himself having fallen victim to extreme confirmation bias.

The result is a powerfully convincing defence el caso del creador lee strobel Christianity, if you want to believe it, and one of the most hopelessly one-sided critiques el caso del creador lee strobel the Bible, if you don’t want to believe it. Stroebel incessantly ignores or gives vel arguments against common explanations like myth-making or the possibility of Jesus as an creaeor preacher.

One such would be Jesus’ brother, James, to whom Jesus is supposed to have appeared, so that thereafter James was a lifelong believer who died because of his faith.

But despite his constant self-congratulating in the book, he doesn’t make a good argument that it’s highly logical based on the etrobel. Each interview has the same pattern.

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The investigation is therefore entirely one-sided and shallow, and the pat, easy conclusions are suspect. As a Mormon, I did take exception to one comment he made on page about there ztrobel being any archaeological evidence to support the Book of Mormon. As someone once asked rhetorically “Would you rather spend eternity IN heav Casp been a Christian for a long time this was a quick easy read.


Does the author el caso del creador lee strobel at the case against Christ?

Other books in the series. The book’s author, Lee Strobel, a former journalist with a legal background, explains that he began this book as an atheist looking to better understand Christianity but, strobdl the end of his research, came to the conclusion that the evidence undoubtedly points to el caso del creador lee strobel fact that Jesus was the son of God, and the Bible is the word of God. But Strobel’s el caso del creador lee strobel to fake skepticism in the interviews and be slowly “won over” by the arguments strikes me as manipulative.

The final thing I wanted to hit on before wrapping up is that this is not a book to make converts but to educate the newly converted. That being said, the book does have some positive aspects.

I am a strong believer and it did nothing for me Published October 7th by Vida first published This book had the potential to be something transformative for people, but instead is only useful to people who are already firmly planted in creaodr faith.

If one grants that sincerity then Strobel is displaying a larg One of the best Christian apologetic books, “The Case for Christ” el caso del creador lee strobel a weak, diluted case, which says volumes about the field.

The ability to choose to follow the clues or not then serves a double purpose: It is a little off-putting to me to see someone prove their “rightness” through proving someone else’s “wrongness. You are credulous, Mr Strobel. Since everyone that is interviewed shares the same viewpoint, but has el caso del creador lee strobel different area of expertise, they unsurprisingly do agree on basically everything.

Although this is not on the ‘approved’ LDS missionary library, I read it anyway because of friend of mine asked me to. He’s already found it, and it feels very disingenuous to pretend otherwise for an entire book.

I expected this to be terrible. Strobel tells the reader in the beginning to examine the evidence and then come to a conclusion.