: Efimera. Trilogia del jardin quimico (El Jardin Quimico / The Chemical Garden Trilogy) (Spanish Edition) (): Lauren DeStefano. Efimera. Trilogia del jardin quimico (Chemical Garden Trilogy (Quality)) (Spanish Edition) by Lauren DeStefano () on *FREE* shipping. 25 Aug ‘Efímera’ (Trilogía de El jardín químico #1) de Lauren DeStefano // Puck ( Ediciones 1 Jan The Paperback of the Efimera (Wither) by Lauren.

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But of all the books I’ve read, this is one of the few where triangle is not introduced forcibly. But one must wonder: Not a lot of riveting stuff there. Chances are you’ll get sucked into it but personally, you have to turn your suspension of disbelief way up dstefano get through it.

Are you defective in the brain?! I think it’s even surpassed the paranormal genre now. Preview — Wither by Lauren DeStefano. On the next few pages of Wither, the author revealed to me, kidnapping and sleeping gas.

In fact, I got major kicks from the air of desperation in it. Were we supposed to feel sorry I wanted to like Wither. She also loves her brother, which is a plus. However, I think the positives of the narritive outweigh the pretend science.

The Giver Lois Lowry. I restrained myself from making any sort of commentary while I was doing my progress updates for fear of saying something hateful. As much as I believe in ‘to efiemra his own,’ Aluren just am not down with polygamy, and that little family one husband with fo If this book were etimera be judged by its cover and package alone, it would be very gush-worthy — but, alas, books are deetefano meant to be judged by their covers but by the stories waiting inside.

Another thing that didn’t add up was the obvious wealth of the household.

I mean I liked Rhine and a few of the other characters, but I was soooo bored with the story. She wants freedom, we know. I feel like the premise was just designed to intrigue readers, and if the story, with the prose and the characters, were under different circumstances, this book would have garnered five stars from me Don’t get me started on the science of this book.


I expected to see Rhine fighting for her life, her body and her freedom. You might think I am too nit-picky, question everything, but I just read Paolo Bacigalupi ‘s short story “The People of Sand and Slag” lauden which people eat sand, regrow their limbs and embellish their bones with blades and I totally bought it! Although they have every luxury they will always be property, owned by their husband and Housemaster Vaughn, Linden’s manipulative and terrifying father.

He truly disturbed me with his methods and sinister plans. The first generation is almost immortal. The fear is spread by rumors and wild imaginations. Rather than anyone fighting for their own survival, we have three girls living in a mansion, agonizing over their designer dresses dwstefano going to parties.

His father keeps him in the dark.

I’ve read some reviews that talk about his lack of spine, but to me, Linden was efimsra a weak character. For me it had a deep, rich, intoxicating quality that I don’t often read in Young Adult novels and has become an increasing rarity for me. MAKE up your mind! It really bothered me how his whole situation attempted to make Rhine’s blooming Stockholm laren justifiable and even okay. Books get I’m not a chick that falls easily into hype but sometimes it can be hard to avoid, like with this book.

Efímera by Lauren DeStefano (2 star ratings)

I wanted to shake him and kick him and shout at him: It’s the future, and while cancer has been cured, the cost was our lives. So then I’m signing on for t It’s great having a teenage daughter who loves to read as much as I do. DeStefano pushed aside what should have been valuable research for shock value and pretty dresses. But seriously, I had been reading this book off and on for the whole week and hating it all the way.

Girls die off at the age of 20 and guys at the age of 25, so these girls are taken from their homes to live as sister wives and procreate to keep the remaining population from dying out.

The idea behind the book was great and I was really intrigued by this new world. I’ve never seen something like that explored before, and it was completely fascinating to watch three very different girls thrust into a precarious situation, and watch them form such deep bonds to one another.


On top of the virus, the polygamy, and the child brides, the book tries to be dystopian, too. There were relationships among the characters, such as the sister wives and creepily enough between Linden and Rhine that felt geniune and pure.

Your life of luxury and husband who is a kind, decent human being? Because it brought out my emotions and Desteffano guess that is worth a half of a star! Assuming DeStefano meant this to be a condemnation of certain polygamist beliefs, I have to say that she did her job well. I am not the first person to point out how much this sucked. On the other hand, though, other than the term “sister wives,” and the idea of a “first wife,” this brand of polygamy by kidnapping doesn’t really bear a resemblance to modern day polygamy, which leaves my questioning why DeStefano chose to make polygamy the real story.

But it wasn’t enough to hold up the entire novel, and especially not when I have recent reads erimera Lips Touch: In all honesty, I’d bet money on the cure for this virus being in Rhine’s multi-colored eyes. I don’t believe Rhine’s conviction, especially when she needed a push from everyone and everything to do anything.


Breaking that down, we would have to have weaponry that ran so hot it could vaporize Antarctica. Let me start by saying that I know numerous people who liked or loved this book, and that I see why someone would and I mean no disrespect to your opinions.

Beautiful, and delicate, it grabbed me from the first page. It is unique in its own way and it would be gross injustice on my part to do so.

I felt disconnected from her, despite her horrible situation.