: Efimera. Trilogia del jardin quimico (El Jardin Quimico / The Chemical Garden Trilogy) (Spanish Edition) (): Lauren DeStefano. Efimera. Trilogia del jardin quimico (Chemical Garden Trilogy (Quality)) (Spanish Edition) by Lauren DeStefano () on *FREE* shipping. 25 Aug ‘Efímera’ (Trilogía de El jardín químico #1) de Lauren DeStefano // Puck ( Ediciones 1 Jan The Paperback of the Efimera (Wither) by Lauren.

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I was able to blow through it very fast, for me as someone who usually reads slowly, and even though I wish there had been more action as it was a lot of house house house house stuff happening in the house house house still in the same house, haha but I was still enjoying it and will probably read the second book.

The romance with Gabriel was ugh, so stupid. I like Rhine, she is a lot like me I feel, with lquren independent free spiritedness. But of all the books I’ve read, this is one of the few where triangle is not introduced forcibly.


Where girls as young as 13 are forced to bear children and numerous die in the attempt. But if they’re cataclysmic enough to do that, what about the rest of the planet? You can’t just pick and choose which elements to remove without considering the greater repercussions of that action.

I would also recommend it for book clubs because, boy, do I want to discuss this with my fellow bookworms. You cannot learn everything you need to know, make mistakes, and find better solutions, which is what humanity’s ability to educate the next generation is based on in 5ish years lets pretend they start learning young. Can you try to place yourself in the heroine’s shoes and wonder what you might do in such a daunting situation?


Did anyone pick that up? See other Wither reviews for more “wtf, world-building? This strikes me as a stunning cop-out. Humanity had found out how to cure every disease but their children started to die from a new one.

He was a cardboard cutout character, two dimensional at best. I’ve read some reviews that talk about his lack of spine, but to me, Linden was never a weak character. I really liked and enjoyed the way Lauren DeStefano wrote it.

People, we’d turn into Mercury if there were weapons that could do that. If the elements in a dystopian world don’t make sense, I just can’t take the rest of the plot seriously because everything ends up disjointed.

The Dollmaker of Krakow R. I couldn’t push the niggling back far enough to enjoy it. But again, I’m not sure what point if any Lauren DeStefano was trying to make. Show us more of the disease, show us the scary, bad polygamous relationships, not just the good ones. Layren season starts in June! Wither The Chemical Garden, 1 3.

They’re living in a dstefano world. Linden had moments when he might have been interesting, but he was way too oblivious and some of his actions seemed irrational.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 30mm When it comes down to it, remove the characters from the story and set them in ether and you have a love triangle coupled with kidnapping. Efmiera on him was like kicking a puppy. I am sure there will be some people taken by Wither. It makes zero sense that a society dying like flies would be collecting brides for the rich and shooting the rejects.

Efimera. Trilogia del Jardin Quimico : Lauren DeStefano :

This was what really disgusted me at the start of the book – that in this world, there was no moderation or morality imposed upon the ‘rich’ people, that there were no governing forces and nothing in between the rich and the poor. If the elements in a dystopian world don’t make sense, I just can’t take the rest of the plot seriously because everything ends up disjointed.


Wither was terribly dull. These are the stories I grew up with, ingrained seamlessly into my culture. Yet, North America appears to be functioning just fine, albeit with better technology than nowadays The idea of everyone dying at 20 is a good conceptbut there’s not nearly enough explanation and it doesn’t seem relevant enough to our own world.

Supposedly, this book takes seventy years in the future or sixty, or something like that. And my question to you would be: My grandmother was twelve when she got married.

However, I really came to appreciate the relationship between Rhine and her sister wives. All of the characters are too one dimensional.

It just doesn’t make sense. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Because they are too new. Wither isn’t as good as The Hunger Games or Across the Universebut it’s a decent read if you’re looking for a heroine who isn’t too stupid to live. An ARC of this book was provided to me by the publishers for review purposes.

I had previously been warned that the dystopia made little sense efumera didn’t contain a particularly relevant message to society – unless you count trying to scare the hell out of teenage girls who may have otherwise carelessly become pregnant!