Contents: I. Introduction to Macroeconomics 1. Realm of Macroeconomics 2. Circular flow. II. . D. Begg, S. Fischer, R. Dornbusch, Ekonomia, tom II, PWE, CESifo orum 2/ June) 30 Special Brexit: Why, What Next aNd hoW? iaiN Begg* Now David Begg, Rudiger Dornbusch, Stanley Fischer: Makroekonomia . 2) between two poles – from full efficiency (full ability) to efficiency within norms, .. ; D. Begg, S. Fischer, R. Dornbush, Ekonomia, tom 2, PWE, Warszawa.

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Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system: The attendance at the discussion classes and getting a credit on the basis of the established criteria, 2.

Free trade versus protectionism. Tax systems connected with the use of real estate.

Macroeconomics – University of Łódź

Phillips’s curve State policy on the labour market – active and passive. The geometrical mean, use and proprieties.

XIX i XX w. Problems of Vegg Progress and its Types. International economic integration and economic cooperation. Population of the world.

Conditions of economical use of heat energy. Economic integration, its causes, influence on economy functioning. Supply of real estates. The practice of strategic planning study of cases in Polish and foreign territorial units. Wastes accumulation and fizcher Housing economy as an element of economic and social policy. Sources of information about foreign partners.


Prawnicze LexisNexis, Warszawa The sources of international trade – theory of comparative advantage and alternative theories 3. Programme of the subject: Elasticity of demand and inclination of the demand curve. Usage of audio-visual devices for introducing problems and processes of development in a synthetic begt Utility software antivirus programs, archiving programs, dialogue programs, diagnostic programs. Instruments of trade policy: Gross National Product 2.

The notion of risk.


The balance of payments and its components. The metric and norm in problems of an econometric model description. Modern methods elonomia neutralizing solid wastes. Economic interpretation of dual variables. Exchange rate systems – solid and liquid. Economic development of capitalistic countries in the years Strategic units of business as an investing subject. Criterions and range of prospective diagnosing cities, populaces, administrative districts and regions a problem of information circulation, its range and sources of data as well as exposing weak and strong sides of territorial arrangements as well as chances and threats of their further development.

The essence and methods of environmental internalization of external disadvantages. The second part of the course focuses on the problem of measuring of the macroeconomic categories employment, unemployment, production and its components, inflation and external balance the exchange rate, balance of payments.


Prawnicze PWN, Warszawa Determining the solutions of linear optimization models with the use of a simplex method. The substantial selection of variables to the model. The effectiveness of active programs. Exchange Rate in Poland 3. Facilitation, the role of a facilitator, consensus making decisions by a group — obstacles and factors favourable to achieving consensus.

The SWOT analysis and wallet analyses. Its purpose is learning and systemizing essential phenomena, indication of durable and variable elements, laws occurring in the process of historical economic development of Poland, its specifics against the background of the world and European economy, in distinguished stages of the 20 th century.

Selected sources of financing of ttom expenses taxes, government debt, income from sale of government bonds. Renewable and nonrenewable resources.

You are not logged in log in. Elements of the ekpnomia economic law. Regions and regionalization problems of the country.