Abstract. JARAMILLO JARAMILLO, Daniel Francisco. SPATIAL VARIABILITY OF THE ANDIC PROPERTIES IN AN HYDROMORPHIC ANDISOL FROM THE. Colombia. Sánchez Espinosa, Jorge Alberto; Rubiano Sanabria, Yolanda. PROCESOS ESPECÍFICOS DE FORMACIÓN EN ANDISOLES, ALFISOLES Y. Determinación de acidez en andisoles de la zona cafetera colombiana utilizando diferentes metodologias. Article (PDF Available) in Acta.

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Using the simplified falling head technique to detect temporal changes in field-saturated hydraulic conductivity at the surface of a sandy loam soil. After evaluating the spatial dependence by attribute, the ordinary kriging technique was implemented Sepaskhah et al. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 4: For the butterfly genus, see Paramo amdisoles.

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Empirical equations for some soil hydraulic properties. This is because during the first moments of the infiltration process the advance time has not surpassed the insertion depth of the rings in the soil.

This model takes the form of Equation [1] Gil, Recognition of the variability leads to reevaluating the conventional soil management in agricultural production, which assumes a homogeneous behavior of the soil attributes, and general recommendations are used. Nuestro patrimonio – tesoros de Colombia – Our heritage – treasures of Colombia in Spanish.

Air colombix are low – cold at night and cool during the day with daily oscillations greater than the oscillations of monthly averages. Furthermore, it does not permit defining the spatial variability, since this technique does not give information about the pattern of spatial distribution of a particular attribute, which makes it impossible to establish management units.

Ponded infiltration from a single ring: Moreover, under conditions of soil moisture content at the time of testing infiltration as well as by natural compaction processes, allow to verify the presence of macropores is low and the incidence of repellency affected the lack spatial cklombia of these attributes Sepaskhah et al.

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For the use of descriptive statistics in the study of the soil attributes, samples are analyzed to characterize a region, where the number of these is generally low and is conditional upon prior knowledge of the study area or looking for recommendations tolerance given by a confidence limit that is accurate Mallants et colombka.

The use of descriptive statistics allowed identifying the existence of variability of soil physical attributes, as well as parameters of water infiltration, which in the majority fit distribution patterns that were modeled using geostatistical techniques, which allowed attributes prediction in non-sampled zones, through interpolation algorithms such as kriging.

Spatial variability of soil physical properties in the field. Usually Ks and S1 exhibit similar tendency Abrisqueta et al. The objective of the present study was to characterize the spatial variability of the surface infiltration and its relation to some soil physical attributes Typic Haplustox in the Eastern Plains Llanos Orientales of Colombia, using statistical methods, which support the localized management of soil and water in agricultural systems that are within the framework of the precision agriculture.

The semivariogram is defined as the arithmetic mean of all the andsoles of the differences between pairs of experimental values separated by a distance h, or increments variance of enn regionalized variable in localizations separated a distance h Sepaskhah et al. Geostatistics, hydraulic conductivity, infiltration, sorptivity. The analysis of the descriptive and multivariate statistics was performed with the program SPSS v. The aim of the present paper was to characterize the spatial variability of the surface infiltration and its relation to some soil physical attributes.

Contour maps obtained by kriging of basic infiltration Asorptivity Bbulk density Csoil moisture Dand sand Esilt Fand clay G contents.


Análisis Espacial de la Infiltración en un Oxisol de los Llanos Orientales de Colombia

Retrieved November 8, The exponential and Gaussian models are applied when the spatial dependence shows a continuous growth in proportion to the distance between the observations, where the spatial dependence vanishes at a distance that tends toward the infinite.

Frequently, determination of the infiltration rate is carried out in the field through the use of ring, individual or double.

According to Wu et al. Effect of tillage and water pressure head on the hydraulic properties of a loamy soil surface. In the absence of use of other tools for a better estimate, the characterization of soil attributes is done using measures of location mean, median, minimum and maximumdispersion coefficient of variation – CV and shape skewness and kurtosis.

The Pearson test showed direct and significant correlations between Ci, Bi, S1 and Ks, attributes that correspond to water infiltration process Table 2. According to Warrick and Nielsenthe variables sand, silt, clay, and Bd showed low variability, Bi, S 1Ks, and Sm showed medium variability, while the cumulative infiltration Ci showed high variability.

The Ks showed andisiles less than that of loamy soils, according to Een and Homberger The low correlation shown by Sm in the attribute of infiltration studied is noteworthy, in that S 1 was the only attribute that showed a significant correlation with Sm. Spatial distribution and correlation of soil properties in a field: Explicit use of et al.