Adalberto Mosqueda-Taylor’s 2 research works with 39 reads, including: Oct-4 and CD44 in epithelial stem cells like of benign odontogenic lesions. Adalberto. Adalberto Mosqueda of Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico City (UAM). Toussaint-Caire S, Vega-Memíje ME, Mosqueda-Taylor A, Cuevas-González. Adalberto Mosqueda Taylor is the author of Oral Medicine And Pathology At A Glance ( avg rating, 12 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Oral Medicin.

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Immunhistochemical expression of galectin-3 in cancer: Transoral laser microsurgery is recommended for treatment of soft palate tumors.

Three patients with minor salivary gland tumors were treated by means of transoral laser microsurgery. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The selected markers provide new and valuable information for a better understanding of the possible histogenesis and biological behavior of this entity.

Extent of margins in soft tissue is the limiting factor for local control.

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While a general shift of galectin-3 localization from nucleus to cytoplasm occurs in cancer development from adenoma to carcinoma and also this protein plays an important pivotal role within the nucleus in the regulation of cancer-related gene expression 27including Cyclin D1, its expression in POT in this study was exclusively found in the epithelial component, mainly in the cytoplasm yet some cells showed immunopositivity in the nucleus Figs.

Clinical and pathological evaluation of cases in Mexico more. Odontogenic tumors, jaw neoplasms, epidemiology, WHO classification. The immunoexpression of twenty-three different antibodies were evaluated in four cases of POT. Soft palate function was preserved and reconstruction was performed with primary closure.


Gupta B, Ponniah I. Inour group reported for the first time an odontogenic tumor characterized by a variably cellular loose fibrous tissue with areas similar to the dental papilla, entirely surrounded by cuboidal to columnar epithelium that resembles the internal epithelium of the enamel organ and covered at least partly by a delicate fibrous capsule.

The relationship between Bcl-2, Bax and p When Bax predominates over Bcl-2, the activity of Bcl-2 is repressed and the apoptotic pathway of Bax is adalberro Nakahara S, Raz A. These facts led us to consider that this lesion mimics the early primordial stages of tooth development.

Introduction Odontogenic tumors OT comprise an infrequent group of lesions arising from the tooth-producing tissues or its remnants, and these range from hamartomatous or non-neoplastic proliferations to benign and malignant neoplasm with variable aggressiveness and metastatic potential 1tatlor. Thy-1 as a regulator of cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions in axon regeneration, apoptosis, adhesion, migration, cancer, and fibrosis.

Ameloblastic carcinoma was the most common malignant tumor 3.

Primordial odontogenic tumor: An immunohistochemical profile

This observation is also reinforced by the fact that some areas of the tumor epithelium showed focal positivity to vimentin Fig. There is limited information in the literature about the prevalence of OT in Brazil 21 – Ttaylor H, Reichart PA. The pathogenesis of oral MA remains uncertain, although its clinical Published online Apr 8.

Immunohistochemistry, jaw tumors, odontogenic, primordial. Galectin-3, a lectin involved in diverse biological events including embryogenesis, cell adhesion, proliferation, apoptosis, mRNA splicing and regulation of the immune system 26is widely present in human tissues.

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Expression of the CD34 gene in vascular endothelial cells. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. With previous written informed consent, 20 patients This is a retrospective study of cases in a cancer hospital. Expression of Caveolin-1 Cav-1 was reported by Schwab et al. In addition, it has been reported that the pattern of Syndecan-1 expression varies according to the stage of maturation of the epithelial tissues Their incidence seems to be higher in certain Asian and Latin American countries, where most of the reported series reveal a predominance of T-cell lineage and a high frequency of EBV-positive cells.


J Oral Pathol Med. Evolution of cytokeratin expression in developing human tooth adqlberto. New findings and controversies in odontogenic tumors.

Böcker av Adalberto Mosqueda Taylor

After applying the inclusion criteria and reevaluating the hematoxylin and eosin-stained sections, 87 cases were excluded, leaving a total of cases 1. Clinico-pathological, immunohistochemical and ultrastructural findings of a multicentric series more.

Introduction Odontogenic tumors derive from the tooth-producing tissues or its remnants, which are entrapped either within the jawbones or in the adjacent soft tissues.

When it does occur; its clinical features adslberto those of sarcomatoid carcinoma, and its biologic behavior is similar to that of malignant mesenchymal neoplasms.

Oral oncology 41 8, The strong expression of this protein in the epithelium of POT indicates the existence of high glucose transport requirements in this pathological condition. Medicina oral, patologia oral y cirugia bucal 18 2e ,